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Patchwork Among Friends


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New book by Judy Martin! 

128 pages, 10 patterns, 12 potluck supper recipes, color throughout. Making quilts has long been a social activity. Whether it is quilting bees or project classes or show and tell at the guild meeting, quilters have always gathered in the company of friends to learn, to accomplish, or simply to share the joy of a beautiful quilt done well.

It's always better among friends

For all the many ways people are instantly connected today, from Smartphones to satellite dishes, it's amazing how many still feel a certain disconnect from their neighbors and from the institutions that used to bind us all. Patchwork Among Friends recognizes this basic need quilters have for human contact, and it offers ideas for how to effect that: everything from classes (with or without a teacher), setting parties, varying kinds of exchanges, to friendship quilts and quilts for a particular cause, and reveal parties. And all these social opportunites can be improved with the right potluck recipe! It's always better among friends!


3314 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
(269) 383-1790

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